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The man who always wears a welcoming smile, a man who built a company which is currently valued at over 3 Billion dollars in the market is none other than VIJAY SHEKHAR SHARMA, Co-founder and CEO of one of India's biggest company Paytm. Paytm was nothing, but a dream that he dreamed. When he started, he has just 10 rupees in his pocket. However, if you thought that it was easy to build a 3 billion dollar company than it was certainly not. He makes the victory in a hard way and it was all because of his hard work and dedication. Now you will read the exceptional journey of Vijay Shekhar Sharma and how he turned his vision into a 3 billion dollars business empire.


Life tested right from the beginning of the journey to become one of the most influential people in the business world today. Vijay passed his higher secondary schooling when he was just 14 years old. However, going to college was the tough challenge that he faced as he has to leave his home/town Aligarh and face the real world outside. Coming from a very humble background, Vijay did not know how to read and write English as he completed his school education completely in Hindi. However, he released soon enough that to become something big in future he has to learn the English language. He then started to learn a new language from his college library's books, magazines, and journals. However, even with the hundred percent dedication to learning the language, Vijay was still struggling to learn the language. Normally everyone else in his situation would have quit but Vijay was something else.
He decide to built and use the time that he had from not attending the college by turning into an entrepreneur. He mad internet his playground and Shabir Bhatia and Yahoo as his inspiration. He aspired to go to Sanford because that was were Yahoo was built. But by realizing his lack of financial sources and his challenges with the English language, he decided to eliminate some of the genius at Sanford by learning good all by himself. He then started building his own content management system with some of his college mates which later going to be used by some of the biggest news publications including the Indian Express. It was also during this time he started his first job in an MNC but he quits their after six months and built a company with his own. He later also passed all his college examinations.

However, when everything was going good for Vijay, It had also become the darkest time of his life. His friends shattered his dreams to reach the Silicon Vally. They left him bankrupt when they had just initiated the business band had raised the first round of funding. It was a sum of 8 lakhs raised while he was conned for the entire 40%. This was the turning point of his life. He did not give up.

He reached his goal when he first launched One97, a parent company of Paytm. The experiments here were related to the advertisement, commerce, and content which led to the idea of the payment ecosystem. He invested $2 million on proving his idea by starting Paytm which provides 24 x 7 e-wallet service to its customers. The immediate response from customer complaints helps Vijay to built the company better. Later he also started an online shopping portal and Paytm Payments Bank with no minimum deposits. This is how he became one of the most successful entrepreneurs.


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