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How To Get Google AdSense Approval Within a Month?

Well, getting Google AdSense approval is a tough job for those who had just entered the world of website or blogging. But there is nothing to worry about it. Though the policies of google are quite strict, you may easily get the AdSense approval if you have followed all its terms and guidelines correctly. Google modifies its policy very frequently. You are only required to keep updated.

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How To Get Google Adsense Approval Within a Month?

Firstly, there are certain things you should keep in mind before applying for Google Adsense. These are-

1.      First and the most important, never apply for Adsense from a new email id if you already have an existing Adsense account from a different one.
2.       Focus on the keyword of your article.
3.      Maintain the appropriate length of the Article. (Not too short or long). Minimum 500 words must.
4.   Write only appropriate information related to the title of the article and it should be unique and influential.
5.   Check for grammatical and spelling errors in your posts.
6.     Use a simple theme for your blog or website.
7.     Never ever use copied material for your posts.
8.     Maintain the frequency of your blog posts.
9.    Use a custom domain for your blog for fast approval from AdSense and submit your website on Google Search Console.
10. Your blog should open fast and should be mobile friendly.
11.  It should be SEO friendly. You can check your SEO score on
12.  Last and most important, you have to create About us, Privacy Policy, Contact us, Disclaimer pages along with professional email id before applying for AdSense as mentioned in google policy. Without these, AdSense will disapprove of your application.


There are certain on-page SEO techniques that you could try to rank your website for early approval from AdSense. Google AdSense policies are very clear regarding this. You can easily get approval if you have followed all the above steps correctly. Apart from this, you should add high-quality images into your articles that are related to your post and should be placed correctly. It makes your article look more attractive. You should try to justify your keywords every time it appears in your article. The other thing is that you should be careful using images from google images as every image is not copyright free. You can apply filter and choose images that are allowed for commercial use and are copyright free otherwise you can download images from websites like Pexels, Resplash or Pixabay which I do personally.

Google does not allow AdSense approval to those who use prohibited content for their blog posts. Though it allows adult content, there are certain prohibited content such as child nudity, hate speech, terrorism-related, hacking or cracking, illegal activity, etc.which you cannot use for your blog posts as per Google policies and guidelines. 

If your website is new then, you should wait for a maximum of 6 months for AdSense approval. Though this policy is not always correct. You can get AdSense approval at any time if you followed all the Google policies related to approval for AdSense seamlessly. Try not to change your website or blog theme/ design frequently as this may increase your website loading time and Adsense approval may be delayed. 

Here are certain on-page SEO tricks for blogger which would help you for fast AdSense approval-

1.       Do some research just before choosing the topic for your article. Research here means keywords that you should use for your articles or blog posts. There are many keyword planning tools available on the internet. You should try to pick the keyword which has maximum no. of searches and has higher CPC and bids and lower competition.  You should apply your selected keyword throughout your article or blog post.

2.   Choosing a perfect keyword and writing anything according to your liking is not enough.  You have to write high-quality content on the chosen topic or keyword to rank your website or blog. Write at least 500-700 words of article for each blog post.

3.  Add Meta Tags and descriptions for individual blog-post. Meta Tags are very necessary for ranking your website or blog. It helps the viewers to search for your post. To enable Meta Tag description in your Blogger account go to blogger dashboard > settings > Search preferences > enable Meta Tags. After enabling, you can see the Meta Tag description box on the right corner of each blog post.

4.   Highlight your keyword throughout your blog post with bold and italics. ( As discussed above).

5.   Use the H1 tag for the title of your blog posts.: Since by default, Blogger uses Post title on H3 tag and blog title on H1 tag, you can change it from Html script of your blog post. H1 tag is essential for on-page SEO

If you have any other query related to Google AdSense Approval, let me know in the comment section below. I would love to answer your queries.
Thank You!


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